2013 Deployment on CVN-78 USS Nimitz

What is veteran vans?

This concept was second nature to me coming from a military background, I was used to small quarters & living out of a bag. Van life was induced by my knack for outdoor exploration & desire to save money. I combined the two & applied my skills gained as a Naval Electrician to build my van. I've learned a lot on the journey & I'm still learning every day as I work on more builds, even my original build.

The work ethic, discipline, and quality of work I've gained in the Navy is translated into the work I do now. I don't sugar coat this lifestyle nor will I lie to you. If I don't know something, I'll get an answer. I believe in clear and concise communication in order to deliver the best product & experience to the consumer.

Our Mission

To Enable Others With The Correct Knowledge & Tools In Order To Build The Off-Grid System Of Their Dreams.

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